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May 19, 2006

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Ihor Charischak
CIESE's Mathematics Project Manager

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To learn more about this workshop read Ihor's article that appeared in an issue of School, Science and Mathematics.

Technology In Mathematics Education
(TIME) Workshop Series

July 17-19, 2006
Dynamic Classroom
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Overview of Workshops


Session 1 - Monday, July 17
Exploring Internet Resources for Mathematical Problem Solving

Software: Internet tools & Applets
Were you the average  traveler today? (Click  above for sneak look at this activity.)
In this workshop you will explore unique ways to use the Internet to create problem solving scenarios. Activities include: The birthday problem, Are you the average traveler?, The Missing Menu at the Electronic Pizza server, and many more...


Designing Classroom Environments for Technology

Software: Spreadsheets & Powerpoint

Spreadsheets helps
make data come alive.
Workshop activities focus on creative ways to use spreadsheets in a variety of learning environments (the one computer, computer cluster and lab classrooms) focusing on various math topics. These activities include: The Jinx & Birthday Puzzles, Birthday Problem Revisited and Explained, Great Job Offer,  Shopping Spree and more.


Session 2 - Tuesday, July 18
Learning Mathematics Dynamically with Geometer's Sketchpad
Software: Geometer's Sketchpad

Rotating triangles
helps make the 360
rule more meaningful.
Explore, learn and enjoy mathematics with a Dynamic Geometry tool. Technology can motivate a willingness to continue to learn and deepen one’s own understanding of the math topics that are part of the curriculum. Experience it for yourself in this session! Workshop highlight activities include: Sum of the Angles in a Triangle – Why 180?  Drawing vs. Constructing Polygons, Name that Shape Maker!  and more.


Personalizing Your Curriculum with Technology based Data Analysis Activities

Software: Web based Microworlds,  Applets and Spreadsheets

What is Data Analysis really all about? Trying to answer interesting questions! We’ll explore these:

The Cricket
in concert.
Can temperature be estimated by a cricket's chirp? Is it colder in Northern States than in Southern States? Do taller people have larger feet than shorter people? Also you will collect data to solve interesting puzzles that requires a little bit of algebra to fully understand. The example shared in the workshop is the Toads and Frogs Puzzle.


Session 3 - Wednesday, July 19

Effective Teaching Strategies and Discourse in the One Computer, Computer Cluster and Computer Lab Settings
Software: Powerpoint & Microworlds

The 3 dice Roll Game. Is this a fair race?

Workshop highlight activities include - Microworlds: Billiards, Factor game and Spiros; Powerpoint & Spreadsheets: The Jinx & Birthday Puzzles. Also, compelling activities in Probability
: Flipping Coins, Rolling Dice, Is this a fair game?


Effective Methods for Assessing Learning & Teaching Mathematics with Technology
Software: Green Globs, How the West was “One,” and other Microworlds.

How many Globs can you hit with one equation?
Workshop Highlights: Sample of Good Assessment activities: Fair Game Dilemma, The Great Green Globs Challenge, How the West Was One, The Dude's Revenge: Playing the West Round Trip Game.

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