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Pro Engineer Resource Page

Under a partnership with Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), Stevens Institute of Technology and the Educational Technology Training Centers (ETTC) will train middle and high school teachers in the Pro/ENGINEER (Pro/E) Schools Edition software. Pro/E is an engineering computer-aided design (CAD) tool with fully associative capabilities spanning modeling, assemblies, drawings, animations, kinematic analysis and design optimization, renderings and more. Pro/E Schools Edition is developed specifically to introduce middle and high school students to design technology and help them to become better problem solvers, critical thinkers and collaborators. Participants will learn Pro/ENGINEER thorough multimedia tutorials and project-based activities.

Trainer info: Greg Bartus

What teachers are saying!

"This was an awesome workshop. It was quite fulfilling to be able to complete a project even though it seemed overwhelming at first. I work with students with disabilities on a one to basis mostly as an assistive technology specialist. Our job is to help support students with their educational goals through the use of technology. I can predict that we can use this piece of technology, with modifications, to support our students in their geometry, design and engineering classes. "

-Farrah G., Assistive Technology Specialist, Bergen County Special Services School District

"I will use the software to develop my students skills in Geometry and Science.  I can have them create shapes. Find the areas of shapes and apply other aspects of geometric concepts.  In Science I will have them create a product or design their own inventions." 

-Bob Z., Most Sacred Heart of Jesus School

"Thank you for your time. At first it seemed hard,but the more you worked with ProE the better the system was!! For our school it will be an asset, we will start with solid modeling in 2D and progress from there. Thgis is a great start!"

-Scott D., Industrial Arts, Upper Township Middle School

"This program would be an excellent addition to our Design and Applied Technology Institute which is a small learning community composed of three classes; Calculus, Physics, and Design Technology. There are many projects we completed this year that this software would be a great addition."

-Erin R., Oakcrest High School

Workshop Itinerary

Day One:

  1. Register for workshop with PTC.
  2. Get a copy of tutorials and miscellaneous folders on your jump drive.
  3. Introduction
    • Watch a demonstration of a couple ProE functions.
      • Make a cylinder
      • Make a washer
    • Try those same functions yourself to create a washer.
  1. Start the Sports Bottle Tutorial

Day Two:

  1. Watch a demonstration of how to start the Wind Sculpture Tutorial
  2. Start Wind Sculpture Tutorial
  3. Complete Final Project


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