Project Management Guide

Instructional Management Plan
Assessment Strategies

There are a variety of methods for assessing student learning for an Internet-based project. Students' learning and performance can be assessed by portfolio work, oral presentations, multi-media presentations, special reports, rubrics, and observations to name a few.  The method for assessing student learning should be clearly defined prior to the start of a project. Teachers should develop the specific rubrics they will be using or identify suitable existing rubrics. It is also important to link assessment to the specific learning objectives, curriculum standards and proficiency tests.

EXAMPLE:  One possibility for assessing student learning is to present them with a similar, yet related, problem. For example, in the Global/Sun Temperature Project after students have learned that the amount of daylight they experience is related to latitude they can be asked to make general predictions about the amount of daylight they will experience at different latitudes. Alternatively, students can be assessed by examining the material that they are asked to produce during the course of the project. These assessment examples also incorporate the use of rubrics.




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