Project Management Guide

Technology Management Plan
Back-up Plan

Unfortunately, it is necessary for teachers to have a back-up plan in case their technology fails. For situations involving the use of the Internet, teachers should make sure they know if a mirror site is available and they should have this information written down in a convenient location. Teachers can also make print outs of specific images or data ahead of time to have on hand, or they can save these images and web pages to the hard drive of their computer. Alternatively, teachers can devise a plan for switching to an optional or non-technological part of the project if a technology problem arises.

EXAMPLE: A high school physics class uses the Navigational Vectors project to track airplanes flying in U.S. skies. Using trigonometry they determine the plane's air speed and predict its time of arrival at its destination. Prior to undertaking the project, the teacher has devised a back-up plan. She has identified back-up sites that can be used to access the real time data in case those sites are down during class time. Additionally, she copies relevant images to the hard drive of the computer so that the images can be viewed later in class if the Internet connection fails. The image may be a few hours out of date but will be sufficient for the purposes of the project.





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