Project Management Guide

Classroom Management Plan
Behavior/Discipline Plan

All teachers experience situations in which they have to deal with difficult students. Even with a school policy to fall back on, it is recommend that teachers develop a specific set of expectations and consequences for their Internet-based project. Students, as well as teachers, may be treading on new ground and may need to be reminded of how they should behave. Before undertaking an Internet project in the classroom, teachers should re-read their school's Acceptable Use Policy to their students and remind them of the consequences for failing to adhere to the policy. Rules should also be displayed in writing near the computer stations. Also, teachers should establish a way of keeping students accountable when they work in cooperative groups.

EXAMPLE: Prior to students undertaking web-based searching for information pertaining to their science fair projects, their teacher reviews the school policy regarding access of inappropriate material with the students. He reminds them that intentionally accessing inappropriate sites (e.g. pornography, shopping catalogs, movie star web pages, chat rooms) will be cause for punishment according to their school's Acceptable Use Policy.




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