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Instructional Management Plan
Curriculum Standards

Internet-based projects can span a wide number of curriculum standards. When the national, state and/or local curriculum standards that are satisfied by the project are clearly identified, it makes it easier for teachers to justify the implementation of that project in their classrooms.

EXAMPLE:  Middle school science students in Miami, Florida use the Biological Timing Online Science Experiment to learn how to integrate technology and scientific research. Their role is to act as teams of "expert scientists" who investigate and communicate their findings to others. As part of the lesson plan developed for this project, the teacher identifies the specific state and local curriculum standards satisfied by the project. They are:

SC.F.1.3.7.a - (The Processes of Life, 6-8). The student knows that behavior is a response to the environment and influences growth, development, maintenance, and reproduction.

SC.H.1.3.1.a - (Nature of Science, 6-8). The student knows that scientific knowledge is subject to modification as new information challenges prevailing theories and as a new theory leads to looking at old observations in a new way.

SC.H.1.3.5.a - (Nature of Science, 6-8). The student knows that change in one or more variables may alter the outcome of an investigation.

SC.H.3.3.1 - (Nature of Science, 6-8). The student knows that science ethics demand that scientists must not knowingly subject coworkers, students, the neighborhood, or the community to health or property risks.

SC.H.3.3.2 - (Nature of Science, 6-8). The student knows that special care must be taken in using animals in scientific research.

SC.H.3.3.7 - (Nature of Science, 6-8). The student knows that computers speed up and extend people's ability to collect, sort, and analyze data; prepare research reports; and share data and ideas with others.

Goal 3 Standards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7

Competency Based Curriculum: 

Nature of Science as Inquiry Components: 6-8.I.A1-10, 6-8.I.B.1-5, 6-8.I.C.3-5
Life Science Components: 6.II.A.9-10




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