Project Management Guide

Instructional Management Plan
Online Experts

Try to identify at least one online expert who can be used as a resource for either the students or the teacher. Experts can be located using one of the many online "Ask an Expert" sites or can be found at a local college or university. Arrangements can be made ahead of time regarding the extent of the expert's involvement in the project and with the students.

EXAMPLE:  Two biology students brought in a fungus they had found in the woods as part of a class project. Surprisingly, none of the fungus identification manuals had a picture which would allow the class to identify the specific name of the fungus. Someone suggested they try the Internet. A quick search revealed a "Fungus of the Month" web site. Using a digital camera, the students photographed the specimens, created an email message to a professor at the University of Wisconsin who was listed as an expert on the site and sent it off. Within an hour, the professor had responded with the identification of the fungus and other information for the students.




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