Project Management Guide

Technology Management Plan
Hardware for Classroom Presentations

Black and White Transparencies

Print out web sites (or email letters) on a printer. Make transparencies of the web sites you're going to use in lesson. 
Color Transparencies 

$250/color printer, $1/transparency 
Buy a low end color printer and print site information out on transparencies by feeding them through the printer. 
TV-ator ("TView")
Buy a converter called a TV-ator that you can connect to a computer to convert the digital display to NTSC output. Resolution on TV monitor may be only fair. You will probably have to increase the font size of the display so that class can see.
LCD Panel + High End Overhead Projector

LCD $1500, Projector $850 
Buy an LCD panel and a high-end overhead projector to show direct computer output on a large screen in front of the class. Good resolution but lights must be off and shades drawn to see adequately.
All-in-One Projector 

Cost: $2500 and up 
Buy an LCD projector that allows you to view computer output on a large screen. Excellent resolution and can be used in lit rooms. Also, most are VCR compatible.
White Board

Using a whiteboard as a projection screen allows you to write "on" the projected images.



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