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Technology Management Plan
Internet Safety

Over the last few years the media has seemed to focus more on the inappropriate uses of the Internet than the “unique and compelling” educational uses of the Internet.  Because of this skewed reporting many parents, administrators, teachers, and community leaders are very concerned about bringing the Internet into their schools and see little educational value in using this technology.  In order to effectively address their concerns it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the potential dangers of the Internet and what can be done to protect students from these dangers.  It is equally important to demonstrate the power that the technology can bring to the classroom and why it is important for a school to begin to integrate it into its curriculum.

EXAMPLE: Elementary school students in New Jersey participate in the Global Sun/Temperature Project and are excited about communicating with other classes from around the world through the project's discussion area and through class email. Prior to the project, the teacher reviews with the class the school rules for using email and the Internet. She describes what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate discussion area postings and explains the consequences for not obeying the rules. She also explains that all email correspondence with another school must go through her first; students may not send email directly to another student or class without it first being reviewed by her. The teacher also ensures that any email correspondence that she receives and distributes to the class has had the sender's email address removed (so that students are not tempted to send unsolicited email to the sender).





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