Project Management Guide

Technology Management Plan
Long Term Goals

Sometimes small steps can be taken to greatly improve a project's implementation. Although the ultimate goal is to have a number of Internet-capable computers in each classroom, other technology resources may serve as good, temporary compromises. Teachers should identify specific resources that would help to implement a specific project, especially one that they have previously implemented. Being able to point to concrete applications of the technology greatly improves the chances of receiving funding for that item. There are many grants available that might cover small amounts of funding but typically teachers need to document the specific use of the equipment in order to receive consideration for funding.

EXAMPLE: A class using the Gulf Stream Voyage is studying oceanography and accessing real time data images of the ocean that show sea surface temperatures. The temperature ranges are coordinated to color codes on the image. Looking at the images on the computer is not a problem but there is only one computer in the classroom and it is difficult for all students to see the image. Funding for a color printer (approx. $250) would allow the teacher to print out multiple copies of the image for cooperative groups to work with.





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