Project Management Guide

Instructional Management Plan
Pre-project Activities

There may be instances when teachers will need to spend time teaching or reviewing certain skills, concepts, or knowledge prior to implementing an Internet-based project. This additional instructional time may be incorporated into the beginning of the project, may be assigned as extra-curricular work prior to starting the project or may be delegated to another team teacher. It is important, however, to identify the prerequisite skills and knowledge students must have prior to implementing any Internet-based project and to develop a strategy for ensuring that this is accomplished. Students may need to learn how to read latitude and longitude coordinates and practice plotting coordinates on a world map prior to the start of a collaborative project. Additionally, students may need to learn how to convert time from one time zone to another.  It may also be the case that students need instruction and practice on how to navigate on the computer prior to undertaking an Internet-based project. This might be accomplished by having students work with a computer instruction teacher prior to beginning the project.

EXAMPLE:  Students undertaking work on the Gulf Stream Voyage  will use numerous online real time data sources and images. It may be necessary for students to review basic weather information prior to the start of the project as well as to practice reading and interpreting some of the real time data images. These pre-project activities demonstrate the concepts and methods necessary to successfully complete the project.



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