Project Management Guide

Classroom Management Plan
Project-based Work

Project-based work lends itself to covering topics across different disciplines all in the context of one project. Students engage in a number of activities all centered around one project theme and in the course of its implementation learn how everything relates together. This tends to be a very meaningful experience for students because it gives a very real context to what they are learning. These types of multidisciplinary projects also lend themselves to a variety of independent work.  Teachers can assign individual students extension activities or research reports based on the theme of the project. These types of independent assignments can be included as extensions, homework, or incorporated into class time to allow the teacher to work with certain groups of students while others work independently. Independent work can also involve doing online research or preparing a report for web-publication.

EXAMPLE: While implementing the Gulf Stream Voyage students study traditional subjects such as earth science, physical science, biology, and chemistry through a variety of lessons associated with the project. For an independent project, students are given an assignment to choose one marine animal and to do a research report on this animal. During free class time or for homework, students complete this assignment on their own. It complements the project-based work of studying ocean currents, temperatures, and weather conditions. Eventually the student reports will be published to the school's web site.




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