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Technology Management Plan
Technology Resources

Technology resources can include computers, projectors, printers, scanners, and digital cameras to name a few. It is important that a teacher develop an implementation plan based on the available technology resources. More often than not a teacher will have to deal with limited technology resources so they have to determine ahead of time how to best manage those resources in the classroom. A variety of options are available to teachers with limited Internet access. They can rotate students through a computer station giving each student an opportunity to access information first hand. They can use a projection system to display the information from one computer system to the entire class. They can also save images and information on disks to be displayed on non-Internet computers. Or they can print out material to distribute to the class or transfer to transparencies to use with an overhead projector.

In some cases, teachers have access to a full computer lab. While it is ideal to have one student at a computer, this situation also requires a technology management plan. There may be some aspects of the project that are best done off line or by one or two students instead of the entire class. Teachers need to identify the parts of the project that lend themselves to full class Internet access.

EXAMPLE: A teacher would like to use real time radar images showing current precipitation during her unit on weather. The only Internet access in the school is in the library but she has 4 non-Internet computers in her classroom. Each morning before class she access the latest radar image map using the library computer. She saves the image on a disk and then back in her classroom copies that image file on to each of the computers in her classroom. When the students arrive for class they call up the radar image and look at the weather conditions for that morning.





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