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Cross-curricula Activities
Instructional Management
An Internet-based project can become more meaningful if the content spans many different curriculum areas. When possible, teachers should include ideas for multi-disciplinary connections or lesson.
Students using the Musical Plates project learn how and where earthquakes occur. A language arts and social studies component is provided so they can  research historical earthquakes and learn how different communities responded to these earthquakes. They can also keep abreast of current events and report on recent earthquakes. Consider these questions as you review your project.
  • What lessons or activities can you incorporate into the project you have selected to make it multi-disciplinary? Consider science, math, language arts, social studies or other curriculum areas. 
Use these resources to help you identify cross-curricula activities.

Subject Specific Resources

General Activities and Lesson Plans
  • Busy Teachers' Web Site - Another clearinghouse for a wide range of subject-specific resources.
  • Lessons from - Limited list but there are some good science demonstration activities.
  • Lesson Bank - Searchable database of lessons including many hands-on activities for all grade levels.
  • AskERIC Lesson Plans - Another searchable database.
  • Lightspan - Lightspan has a searchable database of lesson plans.  Many focus on hands-on or demonstration activities.

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