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Hands-on Activities
Instructional Management
In addition to Internet-based activities, it is important to include related hands-on activities in a project whenever possible. The hands-on activities could serve as an opener for the topic of study or could help to reinforce learning at a later point in the project. 
Students using the Wonderful World of Weather project gather real time weather data from the Internet and then build and use a variety of weather instruments to collect weather data at their school. Consider these questions as you review your project.
  • What sub-topics covered in your project lend themselves to hands-on activities?
  • Are there sub-topics for which a demonstration could be useful in illustrating the concept being covered? 
  • What hands-on activities and/or demonstrations can be incorporated into the project you have selected?
Use these resources to help you identify hands-on activities or demonstrations.

Activities and Lesson Plans

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