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Instructional Management
Project Management Plans

This component relates to student learning objectives, standards, and how these can be measured through student assessment.  In recent times, school systems as well as educators have come under pressure to ensure that their instructional practices promote increased student achievement.  It is therefore important for teachers to be able to justify the use of Internet-based projects by aligning them with the appropriate standards and then assessing how well their students met them.  Additionally, educators may need to identify supplemental activities and supporting resources that are often not part of these exciting Internet-based projects.

INSTRUCTIONSUsing the Instructional Management handouts, review the project you plan on implementing in your classroom and identify the areas of Instructional Management that you will need to focus on to ensure successful implementation.  Then spend a few minutes reviewing the resources and content in those areas by clicking on the appropriate button(s) below.  Be sure to bookmark any resources you find useful.

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