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Creating collaborations with other people can be an important and useful undertaking when implementing Internet-based projects. This may be a collaboration between different subject area teachers within a school, collaboration with subject-matter experts or even student-to-teacher collaborations. Try to identify at least one such partnership that you can easily develop and which will promote the implementation of your project. Arrangements should be made ahead of time regarding the extent to which others will be involved and the roles they will play.



Two biology students brought in a fungus they had found in the woods as part of a class project. Surprisingly, none of the fungus identification manuals had a picture which would allow the class to identify the specific name of the fungus. Someone suggested they try the Internet. A quick search revealed a "Fungus of the Month" web site. Using a digital camera, the students photographed the specimens, created an email message to a professor at the University of Wisconsin who was listed as an expert on the site and sent it off. Within an hour, the professor had responded with the identification of the fungus and other information for the students.

Consider these questions as you review your project.

  • What online expert(s) have you identified as resources for you and your students for the project you have selected? 

  • How will the expert(s) be used?

  • Are there other educators within your school with whom you wish to work?  Consider subjects that are outside your domain of expertise that will be covered in your project.

  • How can your students help with the implementation of the project?  Consider using students as technology assistances so that your time can be dedicated to instructional issues.

Use these resources to help you find, develop and utilize collaborations with other people.

Student-to-Teacher Collaboration

Subject-Matter Expert Collaboration

  • Stevens' Ask-an-Expert - You may wish to return to this page and identify a specific expert to work with on your project.
  • Yahoo!'s List of Colleges and Universities - Consider contacting a professor at a institution of higher education.  They often find it fun to work with students on long term projects.
  • Telementoring - Consider getting involved in a telementoring project if you need an expert who can work closely with individual students.

Teacher-to-Teacher Collaboration

  • The ABCDEs of Co-Teaching - Article deals specifically with learning disabled students but could be applied to more general co-teaching situations.


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