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Instructional Management
Students need to clearly understand what is expected of them in any project or lesson. It may be helpful to prepare written instructions or worksheets in addition to verbal instructions. These instructions could take a procedural "step by step" approach or be in the form of a worksheet that students are asked to complete. Instructions may be for computer aspects, experimental and science aspects of the project, or both.
Students participating in the International Boiling Point Project receive a set of hand-outs from their teacher at the start of the experiment. The hand-outs include the lab activity instructions and forms for recording their data and tallying their results. Consider these questions as you review your project.
  • What instructions will be needed to prepare and guide your students through the project you have selected?
  • What form will these instructions take (i.e. written, oral, worksheet, other)?
  • Does the project supply these or will you need to create them on your own?
Use these resources to help you prepare materials for your students.

Note: There are not many resources listed below as this area of Project Management really requires more offline and individual work.  Consider using a word processor, graphics editor, or presentation software to create any necessary handouts or student instruction sheets.  By creating these materials electronically you will be able to easily tweak them for use the following year.

Software Resources
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