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As you might imagine, using the Internet in the classroom brings with it the need to deal with a range of technology management issues.  These include addressing the problems associated with implement Internet-based projects in "technology-poor environments", being prepare to deal with connectivity outages, keeping students safe while they use the technology, as well as other related issues.  By utilizing certain technology management strategies it is possible to effectively deal with these problems so that they do not interfere with the learning process.  This area of project management is often the most challenging as well as the most important when dealing with Internet-based projects.

INSTRUCTIONSUsing the Technology Management handouts, review the project you plan on implementing in your classroom and identify the areas of Technology Management that you will need to focus on to ensure successful implementation.  Then spend a few minutes reviewing the resources and content in those areas by clicking on the appropriate button(s) below.  Be sure to bookmark any resources you find useful.  

Technical Issues Related to Classroom Internet Use


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