Behavior & Discipline Plans

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Behavior & Discipline Plans

     All teachers experience situations in which they have to deal with difficult students.  With Internet-based projects, students, as well as teachers, may be treading on new ground and may need to be reminded of how they should behave.  

Before undertaking an Internet project in the classroom, teachers should re-read their school's Acceptable Use Policy (covered in Internet Safety) to their students and remind them of the consequences for failing to adhere to the policy.  Rules should also be displayed in writing near the computer stations.

It can also be important to develop specific behavior and discipline rules if you are implementing a new classroom instructional technique such as cooperative group learning or learning centers.  In these models students often have more independence and responsibility then they would in more traditional classroom settings.  In addition, you will often not be able to monitor every student all of the time.  It can therefore be important to "lay down the law" with your students before experimenting with a new instructional technique. 


Prior to students undertaking web-based searching for information pertaining to their science fair projects, their teacher reviews the school policy regarding access of inappropriate material with the students. He reminds them that intentionally accessing inappropriate sites (e.g. pornography, shopping catalogs, movie star web pages, chat rooms) will be cause for punishment according to their school's Acceptable Use Policy.

Consider these questions as you review your project.

  • Do you have copies of your school Acceptable Use Policy?

  • What behavior expectations and/or discipline actions will you need to establish or reinforce?

  • How and when will this information be presented to students?


Use these resources to help you develop a behavior and discipline plan.

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Cooperative Groups Teacher Presentations Computer Lab Saving Online Information Learning Centers

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