Long Range Goals

Technology Implementation Plan: Online Development Guide

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Long Range Goals

     Although much can be accomplished with limited amounts of technology it is clear that the more access one has to state-of-the-art technology the better.  Most educators find that they do not have all of the technology that they would like in their classrooms but often feel that there is not much they can do about it.  This could not be further from the truth.  With a little knowledge and planning it is possible to assemble a state-of-the-art computer facility in your own classroom.  A good starting point is to develop a set of long range classroom technology goals which are tied directly to instructional applications.  Once you have established these goals you can seek out funding opportunities, such as small grants for teachers, or approach your school district for more support.  The goals will allow you to demonstrate that the grant funds or district support will have a direct impact on your students and the work you are doing in the classroom.


A class using the Gulf Stream Voyage is studying oceanography and accessing real time data images of the ocean that show sea surface temperatures. The temperature ranges are coordinated to color codes on the image. Looking at the images on the computer is not a problem but there is only one computer in the classroom and it is difficult for all students to see the image. Funding for a color printer (approx. $250) would allow the teacher to print out multiple copies of the image for cooperative groups to work with.

Consider these questions as you review your project.

  • What additional technology resources would you request for the project you have selected?  How would these resources improve the project and its impact on your students?

  • Do you need help understanding the technology more before you can make long terms plans?  If so, check out the first list of resources below.

  • Do you need help figuring out which brand name is best and how much it will cost? Check out the resources at the bottom of the list below.

  • Are there technology or computer teachers in your school with whom you can collaborate?

  • Who can you rely on to help with technology problems? Check out the TechCorp project below for more ideas.


Use these resources to help you develop a set of long range goals.

Basic Technology Knowledge

Funding and Support for Technology

  • Stevens Funding Web Page - This site contains a long list of local, state, federal and corporate funding opportunities.  If you are planning on writing a grant and would like support from Stevens please contact Beth McGrath at bmcgrath@stevens-tech.edu.  Be sure to review the Toyota Tapestry grant as several Stevens teachers have won this aware based on their use of the Internet.
  • NetDay - Started by President Clinton in 1996, these "cyber-barn raisings" are volunteer events that schools can sponsor to get their schools wired for Internet access.  The web site supply details on how to organize a NetDay in your school. 
  • TechCorp - This Washington-based organization will link your school up with a volunteer technology expert who can consult on a range of technical issues for free.  They recently launched a new online service for virtual assistance from technology experts.

Software and Hardware Review  and Shopping Sites
Note: The following sites are not endorsed by the project partners, developers or funding agencies.

  • ZDNet Reviews - Reviews for hundreds of computer equipment.
  • PC World - Reviews of software and hardware for PC/Windows computers.
  • MacWorld - Reviews of software and hardware for Mac computers.
  • Children's Software Revue - Reviews for educational software.
  • Is the Software Right for You? - More software reviews.
  • CNET Shopping - Computer hardware and software comparison guide.  Simply select the product you want and you will be able to compare prices from many different suppliers.
  • Buy.com - Good general purpose online computer and electronics shopping site.
  • MicroWarehouse - Another good general purpose technology shopping site.


Cooperative Groups Teacher Presentations Computer Lab Saving Online Information Learning Centers

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