Project Materials

Technology Implementation Plan: Online Development Guide

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Project Materials

    The materials necessary to implement an Internet-based project may include traditional materials used for special projects and lessons like poster paper and magic markers but these projects may also require materials not typically used in traditional projects. Teachers need to consider whether special equipment will be needed to carry out experiments and whether computer material like disks will be necessary to transfer information. If items need to be specially ordered, this must be done well enough in advance so as not to impact on the project start date.


A teacher is interested in participating in the Global Water Sampling Project because water studies are part of the school's environmental science curriculum. However, first the teacher must see if there are any equipment requirements or cost limitations. The teacher reviews recommended equipment lists (if provided) and identifies a list of materials necessary to participate in the project. If equipment must be purchased, the teacher ensures that there will be time and money for this before committing to do the project.

Consider these questions as you review your project.

  • What materials will be required for the project you have selected? 

  • How will you obtain them?

  • How much will they cost?


Use these resources to help you deal with issues related to limited Internet access.

Online Resources

Online Reference Sources

Online Stores
: The following sites are not endorsed by the project partners, developers or funding agencies.

  • Edmund Scientific - Large range of science supplies for the classroom.
  • CNET Shopping - Computer hardware and software comparison guide.  Simply select the product you want and you will be able to compare prices from many different suppliers.
  • National Geographic Store - Good place to buy maps, atlases and other geography and nature items.


Cooperative Groups Teacher Presentations Computer Lab Saving Online Information Learning Centers

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