Time Line

Technology Implementation Plan: Online Development Guide

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Time Line

     Although teachers are always thinking of time when conducting any lesson or project in their classroom, time management becomes especially important when implementing an Internet-based project. They may be relying on real time data which is updated periodically and they may need to take this into account when structuring their class activities. Teachers also need to be aware of any deadlines for collaborative projects they may be participating in. Other classes may be waiting for information or data from them and it is important to meet all project deadlines for this reason. There may also be cases where a significant amount of time is needed to prepare students for the project, either in terms of knowledge or specific skills they need to have. By setting up an implementation timeline the teacher can be assured of meeting any project deadlines, having enough time to complete activities, and using the class time effectively.


Teachers participating in the Square of Life collaborative refer to the implementation timeline to keep on track. The timeline lists the start and end dates of the project along with the the recommended progression of lessons and important deadline dates. These deadlines need to be taken into account when developing the class lesson plans. 

Consider these questions as you review your project.

  • What are the important benchmark dates for the project you have selected (e.g. start and end dates, data submittal and data availability dates)?

  • What deadlines will you need to meet?

  • How much class time will be needed to prepare students before the project officially begins? 

  • How long will the project last? How will the project fit into already scheduled events?

  • Will the length of your class period affect the implementation of the project? What strategies can you use to help use class time effectively?

  • Is there any equipment or material that needs to be ordered ahead of time? When should it be ordered? When will it arrive?

  • When will real time data be available?  Will you have to structure the implementation of the project around this schedule?


General Resources

  • Online Calendars - You can set up an online schedule which others can access and update.  This is useful when collaborating with others if a specific schedule is needed. 
  • Group To-do lists
  • Group notes


Cooperative Groups Teacher Presentations Computer Lab Saving Online Information Learning Centers

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