Weather Information

"We looked at current radar and satellite images and compared them to images over the last 12 hours. We communicated with students in Miami to find out what their weather was like. Using computers opens up more doors than just a textbook. In the textbook there might be three pages on weather. There is no limit to how much you can learn about weather with a computer."

-- Middle School Student

Animal Webcams

"By observing real-time cams, students learned how to view a picture and wrote creative writing stories appropriate to the picture. They were fascinated by the live pictures. Some were very interested in how each new version of a picture showed moving objects (or animals) in a different location. That convinced them it was real-time data."

-- Middle School Computer Teacher

Real-Time Flight Information

"Students investigate the difficult concepts of average and instantaneous velocity using real-time data obtained from a commercial aircraft during flight. The word is out there among the students that this is another 'cool' thing that is being done in a subject called physics ('whatever that is'). There has been no greater motivation in my classroom this year than the use of real world, real-time data. "

-- High School Physics Teacher

Real-Time Ship Information
"Students track the route of a real ship at sea by looking at the ship data every day. They calculate how far the ship travels each day, determine its speed and course heading, and make predictions about the next day's course. The excitement and enthusiasm regarding the ship has been at an all time high. Students refer to the ship as 'our ship' and think this project is 'the best'."

-- Middle School Science Teacher

Real-Time Stock Market Quotes
"Students can follow the stock market using up-to-the-minute information. Since students like immediate gratification, real-time puts them in the center of the action now."

-- Community School Teacher

Real-Time Political News
"My students monitored local politicians' current views and statements prior to an upcoming election and conducted mock interviews with pointed questions."

-- High School Social Studies Teacher

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