Real-Time Flight Information

Real-Time Flight
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  • Access "Flight Tracker"
    1. Click on Real-Time Flight Information above. The Flight Tracker site gives the current status of any flight between major cities within the United States. You can find out the plane's location, altitude, speed, and estimated arrival time among other things.
    2. First try "View sample Flight".
    3. If you know a specific flight number (for a flight currently in progress), try tracking the flight by airline and flight number.
  • How current is this information that is provided?
  • Track a real airplane flight and use vectors to determine the distance and displacement between the plane's departing location and arrival location. How do these two values differ?
  • Compare instantaneous velocity to average velocity.
  • Geography - Learn about different states, cities, and time zones
  • Language Arts - Interview a pilot and write an article about what you learned
  • Math - Use trigonometry to determine the plane's air speed and direction 
  • Navigational Vectors: Students learn the principles of aviation navigation in this real-time data project. After completing a number of introductory lessons to learn how to use vectors, read real-time weather maps, and track real planes flying in U.S. skies, students then put their knowledge to the test by taking the Pilot Test Flight. Here they solve an authentic real world problem using science and mathematics.
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