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  • Click on Real-Time Political News above to see a summary of all the latest political news. Top stories are displayed near the top with recent and related stories linked near the bottom of the page.

  • Look at the time and date stamp of the page. How current is the information? 

  • Using these kinds of real-time news web sites, students can easily monitor current events. They can also easily search for recent and related news stories.

  • Students can easily access election issues and coverage. View information about candidates as well as poll and election results.  

  • Social Studies - How are elections influenced by domestic and international activities? 

  • Math - What constitutes a statistically valid sample population for poll questions? What margins of error can be expected?

  • Election Co-nection: Students learn about the U.S. presidential election process by creating an ideal presidential candidate. As students create their candidate, they learn about presidential requirements, campaign strategies, key issues, and political parties through a web quest. Students then nominate their candidates and run in a virtual election. Anyone can vote in the virtual election. Winner receives a prize. Students learn political polling, conduct an election poll in their communities, and then submit their poll results online. The poll results are continuously updated and are broken down by demographics.

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