Elementary Edition
Real-Time Weather Information
"I use weather information sites in my fourth grade class to both introduce and extend the weather unit in our text book. My students predict our weather as they use radar and satellite  images to track storms from west to east. They also monitor weather in places where they have friends and relatives or where they have visited. Real-time weather data is an invaluable curriculum resource."

--Michael Renn, Teacher, Grade 4


Animal Webcams
"Using real-time cams is the perfect way to bring the students' learning experiences beyond the traditional textbook.  We found the cams most useful because we study world biomes in detail . My students were able to view,  not only the savanna, but the actual animals that live there - and in real time!"

--Andrea Blake-Garrett, Elementary Science Specialist

Real-Time Earthquake Information
"There has been no greater motivation in my classroom this year than the use of real world, real-time data, particularly earthquake reports. My students were amazed that they could access  information that was updated throughout the day. They monitored and  plotted on a classroom map what was happening in the depths of the earth all over the world. I have been able to extend my classroom walls and utilize technology to its fullest."

Rosemary Kimball,  Computer Teacher, Grades K-8 

Real-Time Satellite Tagging and Tracking
"My students loved learning to plot longitude and latitude by tracking a living, moving marine mammal. They even designed their own maps for tracking the tagged animals. Using this site was a wonderful way to motivate students and get them excited about learning. They were inspired to do additional research and find out all they could about sea lions and harbor porpoises." 

-- Susan Zaccaro,  Elementary Science Teacher

Real-Time Satellite Images
"Viewing the Earth as currently seen from a satellite in orbit is a very effective way of demonstrating that, while part of the earth experiences day, the rest of the planet is experiencing night.  This is an excellent tool for me to use in helping my third graders understand the concept of time zones as well  as day/night.  My students thought that the images were the 'coolest.'"

-- Lanie Sussman, Teacher, Grade 3

Real-Time News
"I use online news reports, not only for current events, but to allow the students to practice their higher level reading comprehension skills, such as distinguishing between fact and fiction. Students practice their writing skills by composing journal entries that relate to real-life situations and problems.  This is also an excellent way to foster global awareness."

-- Anne Zaikowski, Computer Teacher, Grades 5-8

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