Satellite Tagging and Tracking

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  • Click on WhaleNet site above to see a list of  animals that have active satellite tags; those are the animals that are being studied right now. When you click on an animal's name you will see a data sheet and tracking map with its current and past locations.
  • This program uses advanced satellite technology and telecommunications to monitor and research the actual migration patterns and movements of selected species of whales and marine animals. WhaleNet uses satellite transmitters that send signals to satellites. Students and educators can access and use the data and information from these satellite tags through WhaleNet. 
  • WhaleNet is designed to give students the ability to collect and analyze data on many different marine mammal species right from their own classrooms.
  • Since the real-time information relayed includes time, date, latitude, longitude, students can follow the migration of one animal, plotting its progress on a map.
  • Math -  Use the posted data for analysis and problem solving activities.
  • Art - Make a scale model of a whale
  • Geography - Experience real-life applications using charts and maps
  • Environmental Education- Research marine conservation and endangered species issues
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