Printing Tips
 Netscape Navigator 4.X
(Mac & PC)

Netscape Navigator does not print page background colors or images.  It will, however, print table backgrounds.  Use print preview to investigate what backgrounds will print out.  You may choose to force backgrounds to a certain color and fonts to a certain size.


  • Use the Edit pull-down menu and choose Preferences.  In the Appearance Menu choose Color.  The menu below will appear.  Using the Background button to force all backgrounds (tables and otherwise) to white.  Make sure to choose "Always use my colors...".

  • In the same manner, you can force the fonts on a web page to a smaller or larger size in order to accommodate printing.  In the Appearance Menu choose Fonts.  If text is a part of an image, the size will not change.  (Using the Increase & Decrease font option in the View pull-down menu does not change the size of the printed font.)

  • If a web page has unnecessary pictures, you can eliminate them by Clicking on the Advanced option in your Preferences menu.  Then, deselect the box next to the phrase:  Automatically load images
    (When you choose not to show pictures, that includes all images on that web page.)

Netscape screenshots 2000 Netscape, Inc. Used with permission.