Printing Tips
 Internet Explorer 5.0

  • In the Edit pull-down menu, choose Preferences.   Within the Preferences option find the folder titled Web Browser.    Using the options in this folder you can determine what exactly your browser window will show and thus print.  In the Web Content option, you may designate the Background & Font colors.  You may change the font size in the Languages/Fonts option.  In order for your preferred size and colors to appear you must do the following:

  • In the Web Browser, choose the Web Content option.  In this option you must  deselect the following items.

Allow page to specify color.
Allow page to specify font.

This ensures that your preferences override those intended by the web developer of that particular web page.  

  • If the background of the page is an image and not simply a color, changing background colors will not appear to do anything to the web page on your screen.  The only way to eliminate an image background is to choose not to show any of the images on the web page by deselecting Show Pictures found in the Web Content option. 

(When you choose not to show pictures, that includes all images on that web page.)