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Ask-an-Expert Projects

  Hold your mouse
 over the classroom
to the right.

  Using the Internet in the classroom plugs your students into a much broader community than they’ve ever experienced before.  Students have access to experts from any field without geographic or time constraints.  In conclusion, identifying and selecting an online expert is almost like panning for a gold nugget; they're out there and their input is priceless, it just takes some time.

INTERNET SAFETY NOTE: The Internet is a communication tool just like the phone. You would not give out an expert's phone number who visited your classroom to students; the same applies for an expert's E-mail address. Students should know that they are not allowed to interact with the expert unless it is in class and you have given them permission. Students should NEVER be allowed to meet the expert unless it is part of a supervised activity. Students should be informed of these rules before the start of a project and reminded as the project progresses.

  Congratulations, you've finished the Ask-an-Expert Guided Exploration.  You should use the remaining time to browse through the CIESE Ask-an-Expert resource center and look at other Ask-an-Expert listings.


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