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Ask-an-Expert Projects
Finding Experts on the Web
Finding Experts on the Web

  So, what did you think?  As you can tell, using online experts can be an invaluable resource in the classroom.  I'm sure you're wondering where you can find other sites that list online experts. Below are a few ways to locate experts on the web willing to work with students:

Ask-an-Expert Online Databases and Web Sites.
The Scientific American Ask the Experts web site is a perfect example of a an Ask-an-Expert online database.  There are many web sites similar to this that list hundreds of experts.
Universities and Colleges
Professors at universities are generally willing to work with students and classes. The best method for finding professors is to select a college or university that specializes in the subject matter that you are studying. Visit the institution's website and locate the corresponding department. Look for a listing of faculty e-mail addresses and send a short email explaining who you are, what you're interested in, and how much time you would like them to commit to your query. Most will express an interest in helping.
Government Agencies
As with universities and colleges, government agencies are good places to find experts. Visit the government agency's web site and locate their resource center or an e-mail list of their representatives.

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