Answers to Handout #4

Handout #4: Answers to Selecting
 the Best Informational Resource

1. Current price of Microsoft (MSFT)
Library Very Difficult to locate in a library
Internet Directory: Yahoo! > Finance/Quotes
Keywords MSFT
Answer Changes hourly (Use link)
2. Population of Dominican Republic
Library: Almanac, Encyclopedia
Internet: Search Engine: Google, Altavitsa
Meta-search engines: Ixquick
Keywords: "Dominican Republic" NEAR population
Answer: 8,950,034 (July 2005 est.)
3. Capital city with highest elevation
Library: World Almanac
Internet: Search Engine: Google
Keywords: world highest city capital
Answer: La Paz, Bolivia
4. Foods that a wild boar eats
Library: Encyclopedia
Internet: Search Engine: Google
Custom Search:
Keywords: "wild boar" diet
Answer: "They are omnivores and will eat virtually every plant or animal available"
5. Exchange rate between dollar & Euro
Library: Almanac; out of date in a library
Internet: Directory: Yahoo! > Finance > Exchange Rates
Search Engine: Google, Altavista
Keywords: Exchange Rates
Answer: Changes daily (Use link)
6. Temp & humidity in Chicago, IL
Library: Not possible
Internet: Directory: Yahoo! > Weather > "Chicago, IL"
Subject Guide: Kathy Schrock > Weather Info & Maps
Keywords: Chicago, IL
Answer: Changes hourly (Use link)
7. Headline in today's Denver Post
Library: Periodicals
Internet: Search Engine: Google, Altavista
Meta-search engines: Ixquick, Metacrawler
Keywords: "Denver Post"
Answer: The Denver Post Online
8. First to speak in Act I, Scene I of Shakespeare's Hamlet?
Library: Locate the play with the card catalog
Internet: Subject Guide:
Directory: Bibliomania
Search Engine: Google
Keywords: Shakespeare Hamlet
Answer: Bernardo
9. Original Members of the Beach Boys
Library: Card catalog; albums
Internet: Directory: Yahoo!
Search Engine: Google, Altavista
Keywords: "Beach Boys"
Answer: Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love
10. Top grossing movie last weekend
Library: Not possible
Internet: Directory: Yahoo! > Movies > Boxoffice
Keywords: Movies
Answer: Changes Weekly (Use link)


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