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Students use a web-based discussion area to introduce themselves to one another and report what they have found.  These discussions often continue beyond the assignment and provide students with a chance to learn about different cultures and societies.  Below is an example of an exchange between two third grade classrooms...

Message #1: 

Aloha from the island of Oahu where our school is located. This report is from the 3rd grade students of Mrs. Umemoto.

Things that best represents the Classroom........
  • 5 computers - 2 Macs, 1 GS, 2 Apple 2E’s
  • whiteboard instead of chalkboard
  • being in a “double” classroom, where two classes
  • share a space
  • sink in the classroom
  • taking off shoes and storing it on a shoe rack
  • 2 Flags - US and Hawaiian
  • 3 fans - to keep the class cool when it is warm
  • louver windows
  • TV and phone
  • carpet and tile flooring in the room
The School.......
  • palm trees
  • center stage made of grass
  • 1 playground for running
  • 1 campus area for quiet games
  • red dirt
  • basketball and volleyball courts at the playground
  • lots of big roaches and lizards in the grass
  • plumeria flowers and flower trees
  • some portable wooden buildings for music and PE
  • water sprinklers
We were particularly interested in the classes in Hawaii, Florida, Japan and Australia.  When the class looked at the other submissions we discussed the similarities and differences.  When we finished the students wanted to make a school Web site for our school!

- Kelly Graham, Cartwright Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ

Reply to message #1:

We are from Forest School in Ohio. We read your posting about your classroom and we wonder why you remove your shoes before you enter your classroom.  Please write and let us know. Thanks. The third grade.


Reply to reply:

We take off our shoes before entering the classroom because our classroom has new carpet and we want to try to keep it as clean and mud free as possible. This led to a discussion about our homes and the removal of shoes. 

Kids went home to ask parents about this question. Here is what was shared:

  1. Mom said that is we step on something yucky then we won't bring it in the house. (Mayumi)
  2. So we can keep the carpet clean. (Adam)
  3. Want to keep rental home clean. (Sammi)

In conclusion, we're interested in knowing whether or not you remove your shoes at home and/or at school. And why or why not? Thank you for your question...it lead us to a terrific discussion session!


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