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Want to participate in the 
Square of Life project?

Follow the link below and bookmark the site so that you can return and register for the project at a later date. 
Note: Registration if free.

Square of Life Project Web Site

Discussion Questions

  1. Why would you consider this to be an "unique and compelling" Internet project?

  2. What aspect of the Square of Life project did you find most interesting?

  3. What impact would a collaborative project such as the Square of Life have on student motivation?  Interest in science?  The learning process in general?

  4. Was this project just a science project or did it touch on other subject areas? If so, which ones?

  5. Would a collaborative project such as the Square of Life help student read better?  Improve teamwork skills? Why or Why not?

  6. Do you think the Square of Life project would improve student performance on state profiency tests (e.g. AIMS, GEPA, FCAT, etc.)? Why or why not?

My students have benefited from their participation in collaborative projects through their interaction with students across the world, their chance to use technology to communicate, their opportunity to share their work on the World Wide Web, and the enrichment of the science program that they received...

The Square of Life collaborative project is excellent and I plan on continuing to use it in my classroom to supplement my science program. 

- Kelly Graham, Cartwright Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ

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