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Partners Around the World

Specially designed lessons have been created to meet the needs of young students participating in the project.

Students are first introduced to the project and then to the schools with whom they will be collaborating.

Several children's books can be used to assist in the implementation of the project.


Instructions: Take a few minutes to review the sections below that illustrate these aspects of the project.


Sheila Ginoza, a first-grade teacher at Waikele Elementary School in Waipahu, Hawaii, expanded the project to include mapping skills, which helped the students locate the continents and states of the other project schools. Justin, one of her students, not only learned about the environment but was also impressed by the substantial distance between Hawaii and some of the other participating schools. "We are very, very far away from New Jersey," he said.

- Hopkins, G. (2000). Science and Math e-Projects Connect Students Worldwide. Education World Technology Article.  (17 April 2000).

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