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Student Reports

Students work together in teams to review the data posted from their partners around the world.

Each team then develops a model of a square from another school base on the data that was submitted.

Students write reports or presentations outlining the differences and similarities between school environments.

Instructions: Take a few minutes to review the sections below that illustrate these aspects of the project.


We learned that there are different plants growing in New Jersey than Hawaii.  They have forsythia, weeping cherry trees, crocus, pansy and rhododendron. We have unity and diversity with New Jersey.  We have many of the same animals (insects) and non-living things but different plants.  We think it's because plants in Hawaii won't grow well so far north of the equator where the weather is colder in the spring.

- First Graders, Waikele Elementary School,  Hawaii

Recreating a Square

Written Reports


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