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Recreating a Square

Using a range of different materials (e.g. clay, construction paper, paint, etc.) students build a recreation of a square based on the data that their partner schools submitted to the online database.  They can then compare and contrast their environment with that of other schools.  Take a look at the amazing work these first graders did last year...


Students work in groups to construct squares.

Project work can be completed in art classes.

Students may opt to use this project as part of a school science fair.

The recreated square is the culminating event in the project.

We learned a lot about plants and insects. We learned how plants grow, how they begin, different names of plants and about photosynthesis. We also learned that insects are important to the environment. Insects need to be in the dirt to help keep the dirt healthy for plants to grow. We were disappointed that some of the non-living things we found was litter. Litter does not belong in the environment!

To create New Jersey's Square of Life we had to do a lot of planning, teamwork and problem solving. Learning in this project was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.

- First Graders, Waikele Elementary School,  Hawaii



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