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Publishing Student Work Online
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Publishing student work online is an effective way to inspire and reward your students' creativity. There are numerous sites that accept submissions in categories as varied as:

  • Stories and Poetry

  • Broadway Show or Movie Reviews

  • Photo Essays

  • Student News Reports

  • Fashion Reports

To begin, let's look at the homepage for Story Book, a web site run by the Kids' Space Foundation (http://www.kids-space.org/index.html). Story Book publishes original stories, essays, and folktales written by students under the age of 16. While you are looking through the pages, remember that all entries have been reviewed and checked to meet their criteria.

Please note that the next page as well as several that follow use frames and therefore you will not be able to bookmark (Netscape Navigator) or add individual pages to your favorites (Internet Explorer).  However, all of the sites are linked at the end of this exploration at which time you can bookmark them.  Let's go . . .

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