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Publishing Student Work Online
Web Sites that Publish Student Work

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Surfing Goal:
 - Find at least one resource that you would like to use to publish student work online.

Resources from Guided Exploration

  • Acrostic Poems - Frequently updated. Browse for subject ideas
  • CRUNCH: Write an art (book, movie, CD) or technology (Video game) or submit a poem to this online 'zine run by the National Center for Education Statistics
  • Cyber Fair- Grades 3-6. Students showcase their science projects.
  • Environmental Art and Poetry Gallery
  • Fern's Poetry Club: Submit a poem - Run by PBS
  • Kid Books - Entire story books written and illustrated by children. Don't miss "The Angry Vegetables.".
  • KidzPage - Poetry only.
  • Mama Lisa's World - Accepts songs and nursery rhymes. Stands alone as a good multi-cultural resource.
  • Pet of the Day - Lizards, ferrets, and the more traditional. Send photograph and paragraph. 
  • Story Book: Monthly stories, picture prompts, and international folk tales
  • Write Me A Story: Submit a story or vote on the weekly submissions
  • ZuZu - Accepts submissions on a wide variety of topics.

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