Telementoring Projects

Guidelines and Recommendations:

   So, what do you think so far? Are you ready to start a Telementoring Project in your class?  Before you do, keep in mind the following:
Telementoring Projects are often seen as interactions only between mentors and students. However, your role as the teacher is key to the success of the project. As the teacher, you must implement the project as well as facilitate and supervise many of the lessons.
It is highly recommended that you participate in a well organized professional Telementoring Project to begin with.  Successful telementoring projects are challenging to develop and even more challenging to maintain.  The last thing you want is to have a student connect with a mentor in a meaningful way only to have that mentor or student drop out or act inappropriately. 
   Finally, as with any project involving students and adults, consider the following Internet Safety Note:

INTERNET SAFETY NOTE: As with Ask-an-Expert Projects, students should NEVER be allowed to meet or visit their mentor unless it is part of a supervised activity.  Students should be told this before the project is started and it should be repeated while the project is taking place.  This advice would be the same when interacting with any stranger with OR without the Internet.

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