CIESEmath technology Highlight activities for January, 2007
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Everyday Math – 6th Grade – Units 3, 4, and 5

EM Lesson 3.11 Making Change at the Boutique
In the Math Shop version of Boutique clerk is given $5.00 for an item that costs $4.22. Assuming you have at most 9 of each coin (quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies) in your register, what are the different ways you could make the necessary change of 78¢? What’s the minimum number of coins that would make this change? What’s the maximum number of coins that make this change? (You can’t use more than 9 of any particular coin.) Make or use a spreadsheet to help you solve the problem.
EM Lesson 4.3 Fraction Track
By working on this activity, students have opportunities to think about how fractions are related to a unit whole, compare fractional parts of a whole, and find equivalent fractions.

EM Lesson 4.12 Billiard Paths
Here you will find an unusual billiard table. The dimensions are determined by the numbers on the sliders. Your Challenge: See if you can come up with a way to predict (1) what the number of touches will be for any given size billiard table and (2) which corner the ball will end up in.

EM Lesson 5.1 Getting to Know Geometer’s Sketchpad – Triangles
In this activity you will learn about triangles – Geometer’s Sketchpad style. You will measure angles, classify triangles, and color them.

EM Lesson 5.4 Animated PinWheel
Step-by-step instructions for you and your students to create an animated pin wheel with Geometer’s Sketchpad.

EM Lesson 5.4 Glob Hunt
Find the hiding Glob by entering X and Y coordinates and responding to the hints that are displayed. Try to guess its location in the least number of turns.

Transition Math – 7th Grade – Chapters 4, 5, 6

Chapter 4: Uses of Variables
4.1 The How the West was One Challenge
Play the West game. (You will find it on your computer.) Also play the West Round Trip game which also takes you
backwards from Great Gulch to the start. In the process you will learn about negative numbers!

Chapter 5: Patterns Leading to Addition

5.1 Circle 21 Challenge – Matti Applet
5.1 Circle 99 Challenge – Matti Applet
5.1 Circle 3 Challenge (decimals!) – Matti Applet
5.2 Make every circle add up to zero – Matti Applet & handout

5.3 Adding Integers
A tutorial for learning how to add integers. Click on Apply and Practice, then on Learning to review rules. Take a quiz. Play Jeopardy!

5.6 Probability Explorer: Tossing coins
This software which you will find on your computer is purposefully designed as an open-ended learning environment with multiple ways to represent data that engage students in designing, simulating, and analyzing results of probability experiments. Try this coin toss activity. Download the handout:

Chapter 6: Problem-Solving Strategies
6.4 Trial and Error
Toads and Frogs Puzzle
The Toads And Frogs Puzzle is also known under the names of Hares and Tortoise and Sheep and Goats. With no animals at hand, it can be played with two kinds of coins. The following names still reflect on the essence of the activity: Hop, Skip, Jump and Traffic Jam.