CIESEmath technology activities for October, 2006
See 6th, 7th and 8th grade pacing chart. More information at the CIESEmath website.

Everyday Math – 6th Grade – Unit 2 – Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimal


Multiplication of Decimals: Part 1
Number Guessing Game
Decimal Dartsversion

Multiflyer: Review of Multiplication facts

Exponential Notation and the Powers Key on a Calculator
Exploring Powers – compare your TI-15 calculator results with a spreadsheet.
Scientific Notation for Large and Small Numbers
Going SN – Doubling & Halfing Activity. Comparing your calculator with a spreadsheet. When do they begin to use Scientific Notation (SN)?
Scientific Notation on a Calculator
Exploring Powers on a TI-84 calculator

Extra: Everyday Math Games – the rules

Transition Math – 7th Grade – Chapter 2 – Large and Small Numbers
The Power of 2. See how doubling a number continuously makes it grow very fast. Try this Paper Folding Challenge using a spreadsheet or a graphing calculator.

Can you fold a sheet of paper 12 times? Britney did. See how.
Scientific Notation for Large Numbers
Calculator Master 3 – Scientific Notation for Large Numbers (Source: Technology Sourcebook, p. 56) Use the TI-84 to do this activity.


Circle Graphs
Profile of Alex Rodriguez’s hitting in 2005. Make a comparable graph for his 2006 statistics. Arod will go down as one of the greatest hitters of all time. So why is the green area of his circle graph so big? Explain.
Scientific Notation for Small Numbers
Calculator Master 5 – Scientific Notation for Small Numbers (Source: Technology Sourcebook, p. 60) Use the TI-84 to do this activity

Algebra – 8th Grade – Chapter 2 – Multiplication in Algebra
2.5 Products/Powers with Negative Numbers
Multiply positive and negative numbers. Use graphing calculators to do this. (Activity coming soon.)
2.6 Solving ax = b