CIESEmath alligned technology activities for February, 2007
For each lesson in the Everyday Math units these are suggested technology activities for you to do.
For additional activities go to the CIESEmath website.

Everyday Math – 6th Grade – Units 6 and 7
Lesson 6.3 Addition & Subtraction of Positive & Negative Numbers

Color Chips – Addition. This MattiMath virtual manipulative activity uses plus and minus chips to demonstrate adding positive and negative numbers.

Lesson 6.6 Order of Operations
Play the West game. (You will find it on your computer.) Also play the West Round Trip game which also takes you
backwards from Great Gulch to the start. In the process you will learn about negative numbers!

Lesson 6.8 Solving Simple Equations
Broken Calculator
. In this game you have to get as close as possible to a given number, by using the still working buttons of a broken calculator.

Lesson 6.9 Review: Pan-Balance Problems
Balance Beam Activity. Use basic equation principles with this virtual balance to find the weights of various figures. You are presented with a number of shapes and one of their weights is known. Your goal is to find the weights of the other objects by finding the relationships between the objects of various weights. This is achieved with a simulation of a balance beam to tell you how the weights relate.

Lesson 6.11 The Equivalent-Equations Method of Solving Equations
Algebra Balance Scales. Solve simple equations using a balance beam representation.

Lesson 7. 1 Probability of Equally Likely Outcomes
Tossing Pennies. Use this applet to answer some questions about probability of tossing coins a lot of times!

Lesson 7.2 Generating Random Numbers
Rolling Cubes Game

Lesson 7.7 Fair and Unfair Games
Fair Game Dilemma

Transition Math – 7th Grade – Chapters 7, 8
Name these ShapeMakers!

Lesson 7.8 Special Quadrilaterals

Name the Shape Makers.
Discover what other shapes these “disguised” squares make.

Lesson 7.9 The Triangle-Sum Property

Exterior angle of a triangle. an you figure out a way to determine the measure of angle BCD in each sketch above without using a measuring device or Sketchpad’s tools?

Lesson 8.3 Coordinate Graphs
Glob Hunt. Practice your coordinating graphing skills while you track down athe location of a green glob. Happy hunting. (Make sure you have Microworlds installed on your computers.)

Lesson 8.6 Reflections
Investigating Reflections. A Geometer’s Sketchpad exploration activity. Print out the activity and explore.

Lesson 8.8 Tessellations
What are Tessellations?
Semi Regular Tessellations (Sketchpad 3 download)
Tessellating with pentagons, hexagons and octagons (download)

Making Semi Regular Tessellations with Sketchpad 4
Sketchpad 4 project download

An Escher type (Javasketchpad)
Tessellation activity (applet from