CIESEmath technology activities for week of September 18, 2006
See 6th & 7th grade pacing chart. More information at the CIESEmath website.

Everyday Math – 6th Grade – Units 1 – Collection, Display & Interpretation of Data

Lesson 1.5 Broken-Line Graphs
CIESEmath activity – Climate in New Jersey
What’s the weather is usually like in September? To find out you will visit the NOAA Satellite and Information site and analyze temperature and rainfall amounts since 1895. Also you will find out whether the average temperature and rainfall has been gradually increasing over the last 100 or so years.

Lesson 1.7 Step Graphs
CIESEmath activity – Mailing a letter
In the Math Master lesson (p. 242) you drew a step graph to show the cost of how much a letter would cost in 2000 to mail. This activity updates the activity for current 2006 rates and asks you to use a spreadsheet to draw and analyze the graph.

Lesson 1.9 Using a Graph to Investigate Perimeter and Area
CIESEmath activity – Perimeter, Area Problem
In this activity you will use a Java Applet to explore the relationship between area and perimeter. It starts off with an example of a rectangle with a perimeter of 20. You are to find out what the dimensions are of a rectangle that has the largest area which maintains a perimeter of 20. Then you will do the same for a rectangle with a perimeter of 10. Your goal is to make a prediction about the shape of the rectangle that has the maximum area.

Lesson 1.10 Persuasive Data & Graphs
CIESEmath activity – Misleading Graphs using Excel
Two different bar graphs are made from the same survey of food favorites. The student needs to determine which graph is more fair and why, by studying the graphs and altering the data.

Transition Math – 7th Grade – Chapter 1 – Decimal Notation

Chapter 1.5 – Knowing your Calculator
TI-84 Calculator activity – Calculator Master 1.6 – page 53-54*
Though the activity doesn’t say so, use the TI-84 calculator. There are notes there to help you.

*Available as a word document download at
Chapter 1.6 – Decimals for Simple Fractions
CIESEmath activity: Repeating Decimals Activity (with a spreadsheet)
Students will use a spreadsheet to change some common fractions to decimals to determine if they are repeating or terminal and how many numbers are repeating.

1.8 Negative Numbers
CIESEmath activity: How the West was One + Four x Two
Play the West game. (You will find it on your computer.) Choose the Round Round Trip option which takes you back from Great Gulch to the start. In the process you will learn about NEGATIVE numbers! Also do the HTWWO challenge at

Chapter 1.10 Equal Fractions
CIESEmath activity:
Fraction & Decimal Darts
Your goal here is to pop the balloons using your comparing fractions and decimals.

Algebra – 8th Grade – Chapter 1 – Uses of Variables

Chapter 1.1 Use of Variables
CIESEmath Activity: The Jinx Puzzle
Repeat this puzzle with a variety of rational numbers (both positive and negative.) What do you discover? Do you think this puzzle always works? You will use a variable to find out.

You will find instructions at

(More to come.)