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This project will take approximately six weeks to complete. In order to maintain effective collaboration among all participants and to keep on schedule for project completion, please try to adhere to the due dates given below for specific project deliverables.

Time Frame
Project Deliverable
Due Date
Prior to Project Start

Read Project Instructions and Register

Project Kick-off!

Week 1

Write and submit a class Letter of Introduction to Collaboration Central. Things to inlcude in the letter of introduction are:

  • Name of school, subject, and grade level of class.
  • Location of school including city, state/province, country, latitude and longitude (so other students can pin-point your location on the map).
  • What are school’s strengths?
  • What are school’s weaknesses?
  • What technological resources are available?
  • What can your school most contribute to this effort?
  • What are your goals and expectations in participating in this collaborative effort?
  • What do you wish to learn from this first meeting?
  • Any other information that you would like to share about your city, school, and community.
Week 2 Lesson 2: Post wicking material test results, including photos if possible, inCollaboration Central and review other class results.
Week 3

Lesson 3: Post class-generated list of system requirements to Collaboration Central or provide comments on existing draft.

Lesson 3: Post the class list of suggested sub-systems and preferences for subsystem development to Collaboration Central. Review and comment on the postings by other classes.

Week 4 Lesson 4: Post a class-approved subsystem design for review by other classes to Collaboration Central. Review other subsystem designs submitted by partner schools and provide comments.
Week 5 Lesson 5: Post a final subsystem technical report to Collaboration Central.
Week 6 Lesson 6: Submit daily postings to Collaboration Central that indicates your progress toward completing the system and accompanying literature.

Lesson 6: Submit a final posting to Collaboration Central that describes the successes and/or challenges you had in producing the final aquaponics system and/or literature. Provide suggestions for re-design.
Project Concludes