A CIESE Collaborative Project

Lesson Plan Two

Writing A Class Report


In this activity students will share their findings from Lesson One "Identifying the Macroinvertebrates" with one another and with other participants via the project Student Area.


Students will:

  • Participate in using telecommunication to share observations and conclusions with others.
  • Summarize information.
  • Describe objects in detail.


  • Macroinvertebrate identification sheets
  • Pencils notebooks
  • Chart paper with the list of ten macroinvertebrates that were on the students' sheets.
  • Chart paper on which to make notes during class discussion.

Time: One class period


For this activity, do the following:

  • Gather the class together as a whole. Each student should have his identification sheet and notes from Lesson One.
  • Have students review the hypotheses they made before they did the activity. Ask: Will the all the classes who are participating in this project find the same organisms? Tell them that each class will be submitting an identification report, so that everyone can see what the other classes found in their samples. After they have compared their results with those of the other participants, they will write their final report and answer the project question.
  • Make a class chart listing tallying the number of each macroinvertebrate that could be identified.
  • Lead a discussion about the other living things that were found in the sample. Make notes on the chart paper.
  • Have students return to their small groups and write a narrative based on the sharing session, what is written on the chart paper, and their own notes. They should make sure that they answer the following questions:
    • What was your hypothesis?
    • What organisms was the class able to identify? How many of each?
    • Were there other organisms that you could not identify? If so, describe them in writing or by sketching or drawing them.
  • Select submissions to the Project Leader for posting to the Student Area.


Note: The teacher can select one submission for posting or have each group write a submission and post them all as one entry. For example: Identification Reports from Grade 3, Groups 1-5. Select representative drawings or sketches to be included with the report. View the reports from previous runs of the project in the Student Area .

Publishing Student Work Online
Student identification reports will be published in the Student Area. The teacher may post the reports and illustrations to a class or school web page and send us the url. Otherwise, send all reports (as Word attachments, in the body of the email, or PDF files), photographs, and other project-related materials in electronic format to the Project Leader. Images should be sent as jpegs or gifs of no more than 75 kb each. Please do not submit more than six images with your report. When submitting information to be posted please make sure to include your name, school name, and address.

Important: Before submitting student work for publication, please refer to the CIESE Policy on Publishing Student Work.

Carol Shields, Project Leader
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Mailing Address:
Carol Shields
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