A CIESE Collaborative Project

Project Overview

In this project elementary students will attempt to determine whether or not the same fresh water macroinvertebrates will be found in different locations, both around the country and around the world. Participating classes will collect samples from ponds near their schools and will use a variety of resources to identify the macroinvertebrates (animals lacking a backbone and visible without the aid of a microscope) in the samples. The students will share their identifications with other project participants and they will use the collected data to answer the central question: Did classrooms sampling fresh water sources around the world find the same organisms? Finally, the students will publish their conclusions in a report which will be posted to the project web site.

Identification reports will be published in the Student Gallery in the order of which they are received. All of the students will do the same investigation. They will go to a pond near their schools, collect samples, and identify the organisms.
Note: If it is not practical for the students to go to the water sources themselves, the teacher may collect the water.


  • Up to  October 28th - Collect pond water and complete identification activity.
  • By November 18th  Send pond sample findings to project leader for publication in the Student Gallery.
  • October 31st -  Discussion Area opens.
  • December 16th -  Discussion Area closes.