A CIESE Collaborative Project

Project Overview


This Internet-based collaborative project will allow students to share information about water usage with other students from around the country and the world. Based on data collected by their household members and their classmates, students will determine the average amount of water used by one person in a day. They will compare this to the average amount of water used per person per day in other parts of the world.

General Information

Students anywhere and any age are welcome to participate in this project. There is no fee to participate in this project. The project is run on an ongoing basis; you can participate at any time. In order to submit data for their classes, teachers will first need to register. Please see the Registration link in the left-hand menu for instructions on how to do this.

Appropriate Grade Level

This project has been developed for students in grades 4 to 8 but it is open to anyone who is interested including high school students, teachers, and interested citizens. In this project, students will add, multiply, divide and find averages. In many cases, they will be using decimals. Spreadsheets, which have the appropriate formulas entered in them, are available for downloading. Students are welcome to use these spreadsheets, create their own, or just use the spreadsheets to record their manually calculated results.

Time to Complete Project

Students will record water use by members in their household for one week. At the end of one week they will compile their results and, as a class, calculate the average amount of water used by one person per day and submit this information to the project web site. Students will develop hypotheses and predictions about what relationships they will find in the data. By analyzing the data, students will confirm or reject their hypotheses. The level of the students using the project will factor heavily into determining the amount of time spent on the project. Please review each of the lessons carefully and use your judgment for allocating class time for the project.

Material Available on this Site

Specific instructions for how to collect, submit, and analyze the data are given in the Student Activities section which is linked in the left-hand menu. Data is also available to be submitted and viewed through the Tools section but please be sure to read the instructions first. Students and teachers are welcome to submit work for publication in the Student Gallery. The Reference Material section has a lot of links related to water usage and conservation, and the Ask an Expert section contains a list of online experts you can contact with water related questions as well as contact information for the CIESE project leader.

To start the project, click on Student Activities in the left-hand menu. Have fun!