A CIESE Collaborative Project

Project Lessons

Core Lessons

Curriculum Standards
National science and math standards as well as state and local standards for NJ, NY, OH, FL, AZ, and Phoenix.

Core Lessons
Class Letter of Introduction
  Begin here FIRST . Each class will submit a class Letter of Introduction to the Discussion Area.
Record the Data in Surveys
  Students will record the observed traits, and submit them to the project website.
Analyze! & Draw your Conclusions!
  Students will analyze data, and draw conclusions based on data submitted from the participating schools.
Class Final Report
  Students will write a submit a Final Report describing what they learned from this project to the Discussion Area

Optional Lessons

How do you know the dominant trait is dominant?
  This topic should be an inquiry question that students might have regarding genetic traits.
Why isn't the dominant trait most prevalent?
  With the Human Genetics project students discover that for the traits surveyed, the recessive trait is often the most prevalent. These traits also do not have any obvious benefit to the individual. Which leads to the question of whether or not dominant is necessarily more beneficial to the individual?
Is red-green color blindness in humans an inherited trait?
  This analysis allows students to investigate the expression of sex linked genetic traits.
What percent of the population is heterozygous dominant for one of the traits?
  This analysis gives students a chance to use Microsoft Excel to explore variables related to the Hardy-Weinberg equation and understand their relationships.
Is evolution occurring in humans?
  Students use the data collected in the Human Genetics Project, the Hardy-Weinberg equation and some statistics to explore the answer to this question.
How can I use the Human Genome project to answer questions I have about genetics?
  Students use the data and studies done from the Human Genome Project to understand more about traits used in the Human Genetics Project or other genetic traits or disorders that they wish to study.

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